My amazingly talented niece finally worked up the nerve to start her own artblog! Follow her and bug her to post often!


Just a sketch I did of Katara from the southern water tribe. 

Thumbnailing begins! #mojobook3

Thumbnailing begins! #mojobook3

Super No. 15: Luz. #brandNew52 www

Super No. 15: Luz. #brandNew52 www

Break conventions. Will what you want. 

I’m so excited that they’re starting to show this stuff! I had so much fun working on it! Congrats to the crew. It looks amazing!


Here are some pics and reactions to the Comic Con panel for TOY STORY THAT TIME FORGOT. Our projects are usually shrouded in such secrecy, it’s great to finally give everyone a glimpse of the sorcery to come!

Creature Design Notes - Pinterest Smashup Exercise

Check out my friend brynnart's awesome Pinterest brainstorming process. 


New blog post! How I use Pinterest to generate quick ideas for creature concepts:

Supers No. 12 & 13: Fire Fox and Snow Bunny.  #brandnew52

Supers No. 12 & 13: Fire Fox and Snow Bunny. #brandnew52

Getting ready for Guardians

Getting ready for Guardians




From the creator of Alcatraz High and Enforcemen, comes the new comic series, 4 Gun Conclusion!

by Animator and Story Artist, Bobby Rubio

Debuting at the San Diego Comic Con!

Booth #1943!

Looking forward to picking this book up!